Border vehicle barrier, lukeville, Arizona
Border WAll, Nogales, Sonora
Border fence, douglas, Arizona

sharing knowledge of the border

Border trips, trips to Mexico and central America available

       Dr. Hoover began visiting the southwest border in January of 1986 during the Central American Exodus which captured his compassion for the plight of the people. This experience inspired his vision to put faith into action, and he began to assist a significant network of faith and human rights groups providing shelter for migrants who were in search of different lives in the US, many of whom were seeking legal protection.  Over the following years groups provided shelter, food, clothing, religious services, medical services, legal services, research services, advocacy, cultural and many other services.  Shelters were routinely provided with 40,000 pound loads of rice and beans.  Various locations were resourced with blankets, clothes, toys, medicines, and more.  Shelters were built for migrants and dormitories were built for volunteer laborers and persons seeking to understand the politics of the border. 

       In the 90s, he helped lead the Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries in Los Fresnos, Texas to incorporate, develop a board, develop a budget, and hire staff.  This ministry grew to be a very prominent ministry in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

      After completing his Ph.D. dissertation, he applied for a job in New York, but as fortune would have it, First Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona called him to serve as pastor in January 2000.  A few months later he founded Humane Borders which started a very intense decade of political, social, media, and rights activism. Humane Borders was designed to provide goods and services to migrants risking their lives crossing the Mexico-US border and to advocate for changes in US policies that placed and continue to place migrant lives in jeopardy.

      Dr. Hoover has provided educational experiences for over 15,000 people.  For information concerning visits to learn about the border lands or volunteer humanitarian service please use the contact button above.   

Available to lead groups to:

  • The Lower Rio Grande Valley
  • The Arizona border
  • Mexico City
  • Chiapas, Mexico and Tecun Uman, Guatemala
  • Other locations upon request